Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome!
    • The Complete Busy Moms Building eBook
    • The Complete Busy Moms Building Workbook
  • 2
    Busy Moms Building BONUSES!
    • BONUS WORKSHEET: 101 Free Traffic Ideas
    • Launch an eBook in 30-Days Spreadsheet!
    • 2 Free Months of Tailwind Plus Membership
    • 1 Free Month of ConvertKit
    • 14-Day Free Trial for LeadPages
  • 3
    Step 1: Determine If Starting a Business Is Right for You
    • Is Starting a Business Right for You?
    • Worksheet: Do You Have the Entrepreneurial Bug?
    • BONUS Interview: How to Bridge the Gap Between Corporate & Online Business with Coach Lizzy
    • BONUS Interview: Career Mindset Coaching with Robin Kegerise
  • 4
    Step 2: Time Management Strategies for Balancing Work, Home, and Your Business
    • How to Manage Work, Home, and Your Business
    • Worksheet: Making Time for Your Business
    • How to Use Acuity Scheduling to Manage Your Calendar + Automate Your Business
    • A Deeper Dive into Acuity Scheduling
    • How to Use Google Drive to Organize Your Business
    • BONUS Video: Time Management Strategies
    • BONUS: Simple Formula- How to Find Time in Your Business PDF
    • BONUS: Brainstorm- How to Find Time in Your Business PDF
    • BONUS: Effective 15-Minute Speed Cleaning PDF
  • 5
    Step 3: Define Your Business Objectives
    • Create an Effective (Non-Stuffy) Business Plan
    • Worksheet: Define Your Business Income Goals
    • Worksheet: Business Planning- Narrowing Your Focus
    • Worksheet: Business Planning- Building the Perfect Plan
    • BONUS: Easy Budget and Financial Planning Spreadsheet for Busy Families
  • 6
    Step 4: Transitioning from a Side-Hustle to a Full-Time Business Owner
    • How to Know When It's Time To Go All in With Your Business
  • 7
    Step 5: Setting up the Legal and Financial Side of Your Business
    • Tax and Business Structure Foundations (The Non-Scary Version)
    • Worksheet: Tracking Business Income
    • Worksheet: Tracking Business Expenses
    • BONUS INTERVIEW: Legal Expert Jamie Lieberman Helps Us Understand the Legal Side of Starting an Online Business
    • BONUS INTERVIEW: Simplifying Business Finances with Heather Farris
    • BONUS: Busy Moms Building Business Tracking Spreadsheet
  • 8
    Step 6: Identifying Your Niche and Narrowing Your Focus to Appeal to Your Target Audience
    • Practical Tips for Selecting a Niche & Target Audience
    • Worksheet: Identifying the Perfect Niche and Appealing to Your Target Audience
    • Worksheet: Mapping Out Your Website and Navigation
    • You're Halfway Through the Course!
  • 9
    Step 7: Website Essentials: What You Do and Don’t Need to Set up Your Website
    • The Basics of Setting Up a New Website
    • Step-By-Step Instructions for Setting Up Your Domain and Hosting
    • Installing Your WordPress Theme and Plugins
    • How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress
    • How To Set Up Your Domain Email Address Using G Suite
  • 10
    Step 8: Set Up Your Branding Standards
    • DIY Branding Basics
    • Worksheet: Your DIY Branding Kit
    • Examples of Brand Consistency
    • BONUS INTERVIEW: Branding Expert Natalie DeGoey Helps You Nurture Your Brand
  • 11
    Step 9: Creating Viral Content That Resonates with Your Target Audience
    • Creating Viral Content that Resonates with Your Target Audience
    • Worksheet: Create Your Editorial Calendar
  • 12
    Step 10: A Social Media Strategy That’s Easy to Manage
    • Social Media Strategy Every Online Business Owner Needs to Know
    • Worksheet: Using Social Media to Grow Your Traffic Checklist
    • How to Create Stunning Social Media Images Using Canva
    • How to Leverage Tailwind for Pinterest Automation
    • How to Use HootSuite for Social Media Scheduling
    • How to Use Facebook's Native Scheduler
    • How to Set Up Rich Pins
    • How to Compress Photos for Your Website
    • How to Create a Call to Action Button in Canva
  • 13
    Step 11: Developing a Strong Business Network
    • How to Network for Success
    • Worksheet: Building Your Business Network
  • 14
    Step 12: Effective Strategies for Growing Your Email List
    • Growing Your Most Valuable Asset...Your Email List!
    • BONUS WORKSHEET: Get More Loyal Followers Checklist
    • How to Create an Opt-in Freebie with Canva
    • Email Service Providers MailChimp vs. ConvertKit
    • Understanding ConvertKit Sequences and Broadcasts
    • Understanding ConvertKit Automations
  • 15
    What's Next?
    • Additional Resources to Help You Succeed